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What Students are Saying: Testimonials

With over 20 years of Iyengar yoga with some superb teachers, we are now grateful to be students of another exceptional yoga teacher in the Iyengar tradition – Kari Dul. Kari makes everyone feel welcome and excels at providing individualized instruction to each student’s level and ability, assuring everyone gets the full effects of a nourishing yoga class. Not only is she a great teacher; she’s kind and lighthearted, and makes every class a delight.

~ Vindu B & Michelle D, Vernon

Kari Dul is the best yoga teacher I have ever had! I have had some skilled yoga teachers over the years, each bringing their own strengths and perspectives to their teaching but what makes Kari stand out is that her skill at yoga is combined with compassion, wisdom, humour and most of all - her inclusiveness and confidence in each student - no matter where they are in their journey. Competitiveness is built into western culture and in previous yoga experiences, I have often left the class feeling either better than, or worse than, other students based on remarks and actions of the teacher. I am less physically able as a yoga student than I was years ago, and yet - I feel just as welcome and capable, because of the way Kari treats every student.

~ Phyllis B, Vernon

Kari is a fantastic and energetic yoga instructor. Even through online classes, Kari is engaged with all of the participants, commenting on their success and providing feedback to help improve their progress. The pace of Kari's class ensures that the students will be absorbed in the assortment of fun and challenging poses. I would definitely recommend children's classes instructed by Kari!

~ Stephanie D, Ringette Coach (ages 6-8 years), Fort Saskatchewan

The clients we support often have multifaceted needs, managing physical ailments, social isolation, and complex mental health. As an organization, BrainTrust Canada is always looking for new ways to support individuals through their brain injury recovery. In the fall of 2017, Kari Dul reached out to our organization with the passion to host an accessible yoga program for those who would otherwise not be able to participate. She also brought with her a unique perspective working as a Speech and Language Pathologist. Kari worked alongside our clients to offer a yoga program which was accessible for all levels of skill and experience. Kari proved to be creative, patient, empathic and devoted in her approach. Our clients noted feeling accepted and enjoyed the laugher that would ensue during each session. Kari helped our clients learn to listen to their bodies, accept their bodies and have strategies to manage stress. We are happy to welcome her back to our team during such trying times to support our clients with a virtual yoga program.

~ Laura Plummer, BrainTrust Canada

It's simple really, I love taking Kari's yoga classes. Kari creates a fun, welcoming and approachable atmosphere. As an Iyengar yoga instructor, Kari has a high level of training and is always challenging her skills through additional yoga workshops. Kari's classes are masterfully crafted to accommodate all levels of practice. Kari gives specific and clear feedback about how to improve poses, even via Zoom. I always leave the classes feeling better than when I started.

~ Sophie S, Edmonton

An extraordinary yoga instructor! Kari volunteered her time once a week for over a year to instruct a
group of individuals who had acquired brain injury. The individuals I was supporting all had had a stroke
and were between the ages of 50 and 70. She not only brought humor and fun to the group but also
creativity in supporting people with a wide range of physical and cognitive challenges and unique modes
of communication. She was able to modify any pose so that all members of the class could fully
participate. Members of the group looked forward to the classes and always left feeling positive and
knowing they were accomplishing something. Over the course of a year Kari made sure she pointed out
how far each person had come and encouraged them to keep working on their poses. She was always
professional but also joyful. I would encourage anyone to try one of her classes!

~ Chantelle Fairbrother, Past Coordinator, Stroke Recovery Association of BC

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